Loginom 6.5.3 release notes

Loginom Integrator operation was improved, error messages comprehension was improved in Execution Node and Reference Node nodes. The errors occurring when working with databases, visualizers, Calculator, JavaScript and Python components were corrected. Some problems with derived components were eliminated.


JavaScript: Access violation error when executing atob("") code in JavaScript node was corrected (#9295).

Oracle, ODBC: reading of table fields with names containing lowercase letters was corrected. Previously, it was possible to receive an empty list of fields for the table with the lowercase recorded name in the import and export wizards for DB for Oracle (and also for some DB when connecting via ODBC) (#9203).

PostgreSQL: when connecting to PostgreSQL 14 via ODBC driver request execution caused the following error: "Error when opening SQL:...". It was detected that ODBC driver for PostgreSQL could not return the number of columns for the prepared but not executed request. Required corrections were made (#9260).

Python: when using Python 3.6 and lower if the path to python.dll library contained the Cyrillic characters, activation of Python node was finished with the following error: "SyntaxError: (unicode error) 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte... invalid start byte...". Support of Python 3.6 and lower set not by ASCII path was added (#8429).

Quick view: the following error was corrected "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'each')". It occurred if after Quick view opening, Workflow tab was quickly closed (#9019).

Quick view: when changing the data supplied to the supernode input, the data in Quick view node in the supernode could not be updated. The situation was rectified (#9226).

Web application, Desktop application: after copying the workflow node,Paste toolbar button and the similar context menu item were inactive in some cases. The required corrections were introduced (#7377).

"Chart" visualizer:  the order of column drawing in the bar chart was corrected in the accumulation mode. Previously, when opening the packages created in the previous Loginom versions, a user could face the situation when the order of columns in the chart with accumulation was in reverse order relative to legend (#9244).

"Data Quality" visualizer: absence of rows in Detailing table was corrected for outliers of discrete fields. If there were outliers in the data set of the discrete field but there were no extreme values, when selecting the cell with information on outliers, a user could see the empty Detailing table but not the rows in which outliers were detected (#9209).

"Data Quality" visualizer: the error in the integer data conversion function was corrected. Thus, in some cases (for example, if 64-bit integer was in the data set) when calculating statistics, a user could receive the following message: "Overflow while converting variant of type..." (#9275).

Cube visualizer: the following error was corrected: "Value of 0 index of "Items" parameter" is out of [0; -1] range". It occurred in rare cases when pressing on icon of the filter value selection in Cube (#8093).

Import from Database: settings check was added in import from database wizard. Now, a user will receive a warning before the next wizard step if database table is not selected in the wizard, or SQL request is not set (#6525).

Calculator: Access violation error that occurred in JavaScript mode was corrected if a user made syntactic errors in the expression, ignored the message concerning the syntactic error occurrence and started Calculator node (#9224).

Calculator: operation of RegExMatchedExp function was corrected. In some cases misleading results could be obtained (search for the regular expression was not again started if the row successfully found at the previous step was empty) (#9310).

Fields mapping: in some cases in Fields mapping wizard connection of the input and output fields did not map the record center. More precise position determination was implemented taking into account that the records in the table with fields could be grouped and have a header and/or final row for the group (#9283).

Field featuresJoin: in Field features and Join handlers wizards, functionality of fields cloning that was not envisaged in them was disabled (#9211).

Variables to table: in the variables to rows conversion mode in the Data quality visualizer connected to the node, null data could be incorrectly defined in Name and Caption columns. Corresponding check function was corrected (#9228).

Connection to Databases: CSS layout was corrected. Previously, SSL settings editor was incorrectly displayed in the wizard of database connection when changing the browser scale (#9252).

Supernode: definition of the base package was corrected inside the nested derivatives of Supernodes. Previously, in some cases, PackageFileName package variable contained an empty row inside the package name (#9221).

Supernode: The following error was corrected: "Component is malfunctioned". It occurred when creating the derived node if the base node was changed and locked. If configuration was requested for the derived component (for example, when loading the package that contained the derived node), and in this case, the outdated configuration was cached in the component, and the base node was locked (for example, if the package in which the base node was located, was opened as the public one and it was activated within another user session), an error message was not displayed, this outdated configuration was used, and message was recorded to the log (#9251).

Supernode: delayed configuration update of the derived component was disabled if it was used nowhere else. In some cases after conversion of the packages created in the earlier Loginom versions (addition of the derived components for published nodes during conversion), and in the systems with high load many errors could occur when logging during the delayed updating of the derived components configuration. Loginom Server could be frozen (#9316).

Date/time entry editor: Date/Time data entry editor was improved. Previously, it was not possible to set the date manually within the accuracy of a second (for example, when setting the Date/Time type variable) (#9204).

UI/UX Improvements

Node executionReference node: error messages in the specified nodes became more informative. Message text contains GUID of source node and in some cases node caption is displayed (#9259, #9315).


Loginom Integrator: periodic check of server connection was added. Every hour Integrator sends requests to Loginom Server to track changes of published packages to exclude the situation when Loginom Integrator could stop react to change of published packages after a while after start of Loginom Integrator (#9314).

Loginom Server: intercepting and logging of exclusion when closing the package executed via Loginom Integrator were added. Now, if the published node successfully finished its operation, and an error occurred when closing the package, request to Loginom Integrator was successfully finished. If the published node was used with an error, and when closing the package, an error occurred, the information on the first error was not lost (#9290).

Web application, Desktop application: the social networks icons were actualized, links to Instagram and Facebook (the organizations activity of which is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation) were deleted (#9253).


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