Building customers' loyalty
What is customer loyalty? Is it repeated purchases? Or an emotional connection that is manifested, for example, in the fact that the client recommends your company to their friends?
The credit pipeline. The case of the MigCredit microfinance organization
How to migrate to a modern analytical platform and replace the database without stopping the work of the credit pipeline. A practical case from the leader of the microfinance market in Russia,...
Missing data imputation
In practice, missing data are very common in real data processing. The reasons may comprise data entry errors, information hiding, or fraud. In this article, we will discuss in which cases...
Loginom 6.4.2 release notes
In this update, special attention was paid to the platform usability, performance improvements related to complex workflows operation were made, and some fixes were performed.
Loginom 6.4.1 release notes
Several errors detected when testing the features added in version 6.4.0 were corrected in this version. Operation of SOAP services and connections to databases was corrected.
Loginom 6.4 - What's new?
Major Update of Loginom Analytical Platform Functionality of users and packages monitoring was implemented. Python support was added. The existing algorithms were optimized. New handler and...
How to clean data before uploading it to storage
When you create a data warehouse is not enough attention is paid to cleaning the incoming information into it. Apparently, it is believed that the larger the storage, the better. This is a...
Customer segmentation by loyalty or RFM analysis
Every entrepreneur in the process of business development is faced with the question: how to make his client more loyal and not let him go to a competitor.
Genetic algorithms as a mathematical apparatus
Genetic algorithms aim to solve optimization and modeling tasks by iterating, variation and combining target parameters with the help of mechanisms similar to biological evolution.
Scalable CLOPE algorithm for clustering categorical data
Splitting of categorical and transactional data sets into groups with similar attributes into large databases is the most important task of data mining. In most cases, traditional clustering...
Clustering algorithms on Data Mining
This article is an attempt to systematize and give a holistic view of the latest achievements in the development of effective approaches to data clustering. The purpose of this article was not...
Apriori algorithm for association rule learning
Apriori is one of the most popular algorithms for generating association rules. Employing the anti-monotonicity property, it is able to process large volumes of data within a reasonable amount of...
Loginom 6.3.5 release notes
Several issues detected while operation of web-services and databases were fixed in this version, the problem connected with the usage of the JSDoc comments in the JavaScript wizard was solved,...
Loginom 6.3.4 release notes
Several issues detected while the Reference Node operation were fixed in this version, the problem with the sudden Calculator error while operation in the parallel Loop was solved, the problem of...
Loginom Tutorial. The First Workflow
This video will show us how to build the simplest workflow. Download Loginom Community Edition and try it yourself. Free for non‑commercial use only.
Loginom 6.3.3 release Notes
Mechanism of collapsing and expansion of supernodes was revised in this version. As a result, several issues were resolved.
Loginom 6.3.2 release notes
Work with packages distinguished by big size or complex structure was optimized. Several important user identifications were added. This release fixes some important bugs.
Loginom 6.3.1 release notes
This is a bugfix release of Loginom. Several issues were resolved.