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Loginom Company is a professional data analysis product developer. Our main product — Loginom platform.

Loginom is a low code platform
Loginom is a platform for solving a wide range of business problems that require processing large volumes of data, implementing complex logic, and applying machine learning methods.
Loginom tutorial the first workflow
This video will show us how to build the simplest workflow. Download Loginom Community Edition and try it yourself. Free for non‑commercial use.
We specialize in developing systems for deep data analysis, encompassing data collection, integration, and cleaning, as well as model building and visualization. We help you implement innovations, make more grounded and correct management decisions to increase profit, lower costs, and prevent risks for both commercial and state-owned companies.
Our Team
We are young, moderately ambitious and all doors are open for us.
We are the only company to bring together in a single platform all the necessary capabilities that ensure every business has the right data it needs at exactly the right moment.
Nikolay Paklin, Chief Education Officer
I am interested in working in a company with a developed corporate culture. There is a positive atmosphere in the team, we all work for a common result.
Aleksandra Belikova, Digital Marketing Strategist
Personal contact with the team is important for me, since in the course of communication many issues can be resolved at the initial stage. Teamwork keeps you in good shape and allows you to be 100% immersed in the task.
Maksim Rylev, Developer
I found a stable job in a dynamically developing international company in order to adequately apply my skills and abilities for the benefit of the team.
Stanislav Podoba, Designer
Innovation and constant evolution. This is what I really love! Something is constantly happening in the company! We are never bored. These is my motivation.
Nadezhda Larina, Head of Client Services
When my colleagues are happy, they are charged with positivity. I see the cool ideas they come up with, their communication with clients becomes more soulful. This is happiness. I love my job and make people happy.
Andrey Muntanion, Head of Marketing
We were inspired by Excel — it's easy to get started with the program, but when the level of a specialist grows, it does not outgrow the program. It is important that the product allows the implementation of more complex user ideas and does not limit them.
Ilya Korotyaev, Developer
Don't worry if something is wrong. If everything worked as it should, we would be out of work.
Sergey Voynakov, DevOps Engineer
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