Loginom 6.4.4 release notes

In this update, the memory consumption on server when using JavaScript node in the loop was corrected, the repeated workflow start when using Loginom Integrator or Batch Processing became faster and some errors occurring when using databases were corrected.


JavaScript: when using in the loop where handler was called many times, the memory consumed on server was not timely unallocated, and also errors in the third-party module could occur ChakraCore.dll. The error was corrected after improvement of the third-party module (#7178, #8877, #8897).

Import from Database: if an error occurred when starting preview in Import from Database wizard, the node execution process was still running, and it could not be cancelled using the processes bar (#8378).

Binning: if the "Sample" button was pressed in the wizard, an error occurred when the node was repeatedly opened or workflow closed after the node execution (#8720).

Clustering: if the training process was forcedly stopped, the process was stopped at once not waiting for the current stage termination (#7760).

Coarse сlasses: in case of the manual bound binning in the continuous fields wizard, if "Include upper bin bounds" parameter was disabled and "Bound split" option was selected in the context menu in the class area, the bounds were incorrectly defined and upper and lower bounds of the previous class coincided (#8695).

Cube: if there were nested fields in the Cube rows, and there was no nesting in the columns, if all rows were expanded in such Cube and then the package was saved and closed, the following error occurred: "Failed to close package. The package contains active processes not finished during timeout", and while attempting to open such package repeatedly, it was read-only opened (#8670).

Cube: when opening the restriction wizard window, sometimes the default parameters values were not displayed (#8827).

Cube: when sizes of fields tabs and Cube chart were changed, the Cube Toolbar buttons did not respond to pressure for a second (#8831).

Cube: if "Detailing" button was quickly pressed many times, the detailing bar could start to expand and collapse continuously even without pressing (#8842).

Fields mapping settings: if "Back" button was pressed to return to the wizard page that was earlier missed by pressing on "Next anyway" button, "Next anyway" button was still displayed although it was to be changed (#8781).

Connection to Databases: initially configured connection parameters were not changed during the following reconfiguration. Impacted parameters: "Codepage" for Interbase/Firebird or MS SQL databases and also "Encoded DB" for SQLite (#8759).

Connections: when pressing on "Test" button on the Connections page, the connections were tested even if the selected connection was active at the moment of testing that could cause errors, for example, "REST request: no WSDL service endpoint selected to execute the request". Now, if only active connections are selected on the connections page, "Test" button will be inactive. If there are both active and inactive connections among the selected connections, only inactive connections will be tested when pressing on the button (#8304).

Supernode: on activation of the node following the Supernode inside which the nodes that used the supernode input port data had already been activated, the following error occurred: "Row number ... is out of [0; -1] range" (#8705).

Supernode: if the Derived Component was created by the node that was included into the Supernode and then the Derived Node with the deleted included node was created by this Supernode, the following error occurred while attempting to clone such Supernode: "Base node not found" (#8798).

Row filter: if the values related to the Variable type and "listed / not listed" condition were used for filtration, and type of list values was different from the Variable one, the following error could occur: "Uncaught Error: Duplicate newKey ... for item with oldKey ..." (#4580).

Row filter: if "Listed / Not listed" criterion was selected for filtration and the values related to Date/Time type were used, erroneous rounding occurred and second values were ignored. Consequently, even when selecting the defined value from the list, none of the rows could conform to the condition (#5489).

Row filter: if "Listed / Not listed" criterion was selected for the fields related to the integer, real types or date/time type and text was inserted into the "List" entry field, the following error occurred: "Cannot read property 'text' of undefined" (#8444).

Row filter: if "Listed / Not listed" filtration criterion was selected and an error occurred when pressing on "Get list" (for example, if no field was connected), it was impossible to edit the entry field upon occurrence of the error (#8716).

Row filter: if "Listed / Not listed" criterion was selected for filtration and the real type values were used, erroneous rounding to two decimal places of filtered values occurred. Apart from the filtration errors, it could freeze web applications and duplicate values could occur (#8748).

Loop: it was impossible to reconfigure the loop variables if the variable from which the connection had been earlier set was inaccessible (for example, the variable had been deleted in the previous node) (#8789).

Export to Database: while attempting to export to MSSQL 2005, the following error occurred: "Invalid syntax near construction ...". The error was caused by unavailability of the multirow export to MSSQL 2005. Now, export to this database is performed in a row-by-row manner (#8783).

Elements of user interface: if many values were displayed when scrolling the tables containing the list of fields and in the Statistics visualizer, "stumbling" or "resistance to scrolling" was observed (#6288, #6700).

Performance Improvements

Loginom Integrator, Batch processing: the repeated workflow node start when using Loginom Integrator or Batch Processing became faster (#5295).

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