The Loginom low-code platform makes advanced analytics available to business users. The visual builder lets you configure all analysis processes: integration, data preparation, modeling, and visualization. Loginom reduces the time between hypothesis testing and creating a working business process.

Loginom interface
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Business tasks

Loginom is a platform for solving a wide range of business problems that require processing large volumes of data, implementing complex logic, and applying machine learning methods

Risk management
  • Credit pipeline
  • Scoring
  • Anti-fraud
Client analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Counteracting customer churn
  • Cross-selling
Data cleaning
  • Clearing and deleting duplicates
  • Creating golden records
  • Master data standardization
  • Direct marketing
  • Price optimization
  • Advertising efficiency assessment
  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory optimization
  • Safety stock calculation
  • Statistical quality control
  • Breakdown probability assessment
  • Digital twins

Data Analysis Process

Data extraction: files, databases, web services, business applications

Data cleaning, preprocessing, linking, organizing, and consolidating

Data selection, machine learning, forecasting, complex calculations

Visualization, multidimensional analysis, results interpretation

Integration into IT infrastructure, loading into databases / files / applications, web service publishing


Visual building

Configure custom logic using drag and drop and by linking components. Combine any processing methods: from simple algorithms to machine learning

Web interface

All you need is a browser to perform any operation. Our asynchronous user interface is very responsive and remains lock-free even when dealing with time-consuming calculations


Connect packages with off-the-shelf business components. Create your own components and reuse them. Use object-oriented modeling

Web service publishing

Create web services from any workflow node without having to do any coding. We support SOAP (WSDL) and REST (JSON) technologies. Easily integrate the web service into your company's IT infrastructure


In-memory processing, lazy evaluation, modern fast algorithms. Parallel execution of algorithms, workflows, and cycles with the ability to set the processing order

Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms: neural networks, clustering, classification, associative rules, etc. Building models with automatic factor selection and quality assessment, applying trained models to new data


Loginom lets you connect to multiple data sources/receivers and configure ETL processes. Integrating with third-party web services and publishing your own simplifies integration into the IT infrastructure of any company


Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, BigQuery, MySQL...


Excel, CSV, XML, Loginom Data File

Business applications

Creatio, Tableau

Data warehouses

Oracle, MS SQL, Firebird

Web services


ODBC sources

Hive, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure...


Loginom supports dozens of options for visualizing large data sets and preparing pre-built reports to present processing results to end users

OLAP cube

Visualizing multidimensional data with an option to sort, group, filter, and aggregate data and calculate multidimensional formulas on the fly. Crosstab-related charts. Option to drill down cells

Tabular data

Display huge data volumes in a browser with an option to filter, sort, or format it. Visualize any statistical indicators


Specialized visualizers let you evaluate the quality of the model and interpret results. For example, display the ROC curve and the conjugate matrix for a binary classification model, or compare cluster profiles

Reports panel

You have the option to move any of the configured visualizers to a special report panel. The user authorized to only view reports will be able to see the processing results, but not the workflows used to achieve them


Loginom for Executives

For Executives

  • Lower entry threshold for employees — analytics without programming
  • One platform for many tasks: from reporting to machine learning
  • Affordable licenses and a cloud service that only charges you for time used
Loginom for analysts

For Analysts

  • All data analysis technologies available: OLAP, ETL, Data Mining, Machine Learning...
  • Low-code: visual building with minimal coding
  • Ready-made business solutions and the option to create your own components
Loginom for IT engineers

For IT engineers

  • Integrating with dozens of data sources and receivers
  • Connecting to third-party web services and publishing your own
  • Building done by analysts without the need to involve programmers

Platform Types

Desktop application

Desktop application

Analytical processing on a personal computer:

  • Import and export from multiple data sources
  • All processing and visualization methods
  • Connect to web services
  • Processing large volumes of data
Corporate server

Server version

Collective data processing using the company's equipment:

  • Import and export from multiple data sources
  • All processing and visualization methods
  • Connect to web services and publish your own
  • Process large volumes of data
  • Batch process to integrate into the IT environment
  • Scalability and fault tolerance
Loginom in the cloud

Cloud service

Scalable fault-tolerant cloud service:

  • Deployed in 10 minutes
  • Scale capacity to meet your needs
  • Import and export from multiple data sources
  • All processing and visualization methods
  • Connect to web services and publish your own
  • Process large volumes of data
  • Batch process to integrate into the IT environment

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The errors in Tree to table, Replace, Coarse сlasses, Binning, Loop handlers and in Quick view and Coarse сlasses visualizers were corrected.
Loginom 6.5.5 release note
Errors in Import from Excel file and Export to Database wizard were corrected. Chart Visualizer was corrected. The Loop Handler error was corrected.
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