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Loginom 6.4 - What's new?

Major Update of Loginom Analytical Platform Functionality of users and packages monitoring was implemented. Python support was added. The existing algorithms were optimized. New handler and visualizer appeared, whereas the existing ones were upgraded.

Loginom 6.3.5 release notes

Several issues detected while operation of web-services and databases were fixed in this version, the problem connected with the usage of the JSDoc comments in the JavaScript wizard was solved, other components were also corrected.

Loginom 6.3.4 release notes

Several issues detected while the Reference Node operation were fixed in this version, the problem with the sudden Calculator error while operation in the parallel Loop was solved, the problem of lost links of packages with complex dependences was also fixed, some issues in the Web Client and Desktop application were resolved.

Loginom 6.3.3 release Notes

Mechanism of collapsing and expansion of supernodes was revised in this version. As a result, several issues were resolved.

Loginom 6.3.2 release notes

Work with packages distinguished by big size or complex structure was optimized. Several important user identifications were added. This release fixes some important bugs.

Loginom 6.3.1 release notes

This is a bugfix release of Loginom. Several issues were resolved.