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Loginom 6.5.6 release note

The errors in Tree to table, Replace, Coarse сlasses, Binning, Loop handlers and in Quick view and Coarse сlasses visualizers were corrected.

Loginom 6.5.5 release note

Errors in Import from Excel file and Export to Database wizard were corrected. Chart Visualizer was corrected. The Loop Handler error was corrected.

Loginom 6.5.4 release notes

The Python operation with numexpr module was corrected in the code execution mode inside the process, errors occurring while executing requests to databases were corrected, regression bugs in several handlers were eliminated. It became possible to activate JavaScript and Python nodes data sources ports of which are connected to the inactive Conditi...

Loginom 6.5.2 release notes

The error when executing "Python" node in the loop with the group processing was corrected. Logging when working with several packages at once in parallel was improved. Some errors occurring during the work with “Oracle” database, “SOAP service”, “Coarse classes” components were corrected.

Loginom 6.5.1 release notes

Quick view interface was improved. The memory leak error was corrected in Python. Version 3.10 is now supported. Errors in “Coarse classes”, “Logical regression” and other handlers were corrected.

Loginom 6.5.0 release notes

Major Update of Loginom Analytical Platform Quick view of the calculation results functionality was implemented for selection of the activated node. It became possible to cancel the request execution while importing from the DB. Convenient functionality of components reuse was implemented. Publication of web services became available in the Team ed...

Loginom 6.4.4 release notes

In this update, the memory consumption on server when using JavaScript node in the loop was corrected, the repeated workflow start when using Loginom Integrator or Batch Processing became faster and some errors occurring when using databases were corrected.

Loginom 6.4.3 release notes

In this update, file storage was upgraded, performance improvements related to operation of processor and memory in the multithreading mode were made, and some fixes were performed

Loginom 6.4.2 release notes

In this update, special attention was paid to the platform usability, performance improvements related to complex workflows operation were made, and some fixes were performed.

Loginom 6.4.1 release notes

Several errors detected when testing the features added in version 6.4.0 were corrected in this version. Operation of SOAP services and connections to databases was corrected.