Loginom ETL

Extract, Transform, Load

Convert the source data to a view suitable for business purposes: extract data from multiple source systems, transform it according to requirements, and upload it to the target database

Loginom ETL features

Source data usually has its own problems

Problems can occur at various levels: schema, record, value, features, staging and data structures.

With the low-code analytical platform Loginom you can solve problems on any level without the need to code and use SQL-like tools. Any transformation is possible with a low-code user interface.

Loginom is ultimate ETL solution

Loginom supports dozens of options for the data preparation process, consolidation and integration of data from multiple sources

Loginom ETL: extraction
Define the correct subset of the source data: from files, databases, web services and business applications
Loginom ETL: Transformation
Convert extracted data to a usable format adhering to the business rules
Loginom ETL: Loading
Transmit your data into a structure adhering to your data warehouse or business application requirements

Data Extraction

Data sources can be a variety of things: files, spreadsheets, database tables, pipes, etcetera. Each data source needs to be managed and consolidated in order to extract the data.


Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, BigQuery, MySQL...


Excel, CSV, XML, Loginom Data File

Business applications

Creatio, Tableau

Data warehouses

Oracle, MS SQL, Firebird

Web services


ODBC sources

Hive, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure...

Data Transformation

After extraction, data must be physically moved to the target destination and converted into the relevant format. This stage includes cleaning, joining, and validating data or generating data features calculated from existing values. Loginom contains more than 25 algorithms for data transformation, simple and complex. Here are some of them:


Coarse Classes

Eliminate Outliers





Enrich Data

Column Union

Cross Table

Loginom ETL features: Data Transformation

Data Loading

The final step in the ETL-process is making the data presentable to the user. This data can be loaded into data warehouses, databases or imported into business applications.

Data warehouses









Business applications





Loginom is not simply a drag-and-drop tool — it is a visual-oriented data processing pipeline editor.

Low-code analytical platform Loginom is designed to make the analytical process easier for IT departments and to provide a better experience for everyday business users. This allows companies of any size the ability to maximize their existing resources and deliver the solutions their business requires to stay competitive.

Loginom Low-Code

JavaScript, Python & SQL support

Integration with Python provides easy integration with Pandas, the de-facto standard library for working with structured tabular data, and opens the way for advanced data analysis with a broad variety of Python free to use packages. Within data pipelines you can use JavaScript code to perform data transformations or create a new data structure. For input / output operations you can also use SQL scripts.


Collaboration between citizen developers and IT departments is important for successful digital transformation processes in organizations, and low-code platform Loginom can help make this process simpler.

Loginom Low-Code: speed
Solve data preparation issues up to 10 times faster than traditional methods
Loginom Low-Code: Simplicity
Remove the complexity of using source data for everyday business users
Loginom Low-Code: Low cost
Low cost
Most features are available in the free version. No need for a strong programming background for users
Loginom Low-Code: Reusability
Reuse your ideas not only in abstract notation, but as your own executable components

About Loginom

Loginom is a platform for advanced analytics

A solution for solving a wide range of business problems that require processing large volumes of data, implementing complex logic, and applying machine learning methods

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