Low-Code Analytics

Fast and Simple.

Make the analytical process easier for IT and provide a better experience for business users.

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What Is Low-Code?

Loginom is not simply a drag-and-drop tool — it is a visual-oriented data processing pipeline editor

Low-code analytical platform Loginom is designed to make the analytical process easier for IT departments and to provide a better experience for everyday business users. This allows companies of any size the ability to maximize their existing resources and deliver the solutions their business requires to stay competitive.

By 2024 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code platforms.
Gartner. Low-Code Development Technologies Evaluation Guide, Paul Vincent, Mark Driver, Jason Wong, 26 February 2019


Speeds up the application due to the ability to reuse resources in projects

A rich ecosystem of intuitive visual builders, ready-to-use code snippets, form and report templates, and built-in connectors help you roll out new applications fast.

Low-Code analytics: speed
Low-Code analytics: Simplicity


Even ordinary users will be able to create business applications on their own

Attributes with a low code, such as a set of ready-made tools for analytics, visual user interface, reusable components increase the productivity of professionals.

Low cost

Most features are available in the free version

No need for a strong programming background for users.

Low-Code analytics: Low cost
Low-Code analytics: Reusability


Reuse your ideas not only in abstract notation, but as your own executable components

Low-code platform allows users to reuse prebuilt or newly-developed modules and entire applications to develop necessary apps faster.

JavaScript, Python & SQL support

Integration with Python provides easy integration with Pandas, the de-facto standard library for working with structured tabular data, and opens the way for advanced data analysis with a broad variety of Python free to use packages. Within data pipelines you can use JavaScript code to perform data transformations or create a new data structure. For input / output operations you can also use SQL scripts.

About Loginom

Loginom is a platform for advanced analytics

A solution for solving a wide range of business problems that require processing large volumes of data, implementing complex logic, and applying machine learning methods

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