Loginom 6.5.6 release note

The errors in Tree to table, Replace, Coarse сlasses, Binning, Loop handlers and in Quick view and Coarse сlasses visualizers were corrected.


Quick view: If Quick view was initially opened in the floating window mode and then in was closed, whereas the node was deactivated, the column width was incorrectly calculated, and a user received data in the narrow columns when activating the node repeatedly and opening Quick view. The error was corrected (#9549).

Coarse сlasses visualizer: Statistics was not calculated in Coarse classes visualizer for the trained node the discrete field of which was selected as the input field. When pressing "Class indicators" button, the following warning appeared: "Failed to calculate statistics of the fine and coarse classes", whereas it was required to calculate actual indicators The required corrections were introduced (#9628).

Tree to table: The following error was corrected: "Incorrect node description". It occurred while parallel receiving of data by several Tree to table nodes from one and the same tree, if the root tree node was represented by the array that contained 0 items (#9609).

Replace: When configuring replacement for the field referred to the Date/time type in the internal replacement table, Apply button failed after change of the replacement type to Real and value in the Exact match field. If Cancel button was pressed afterwards, replacement data type was changed to Date/Time again, and attempts were made to change data in the Exact match field, these actions caused the total failure of the application interface. The situation was rectified (#9595).

Binning: The error of bins generation using the Width method was corrected when one integer value was supplied to the input. Previously, in this case activation of Binning node caused Out of memory error(#9638).

Coarse сlasses: If the field with Input usage type was deleted, settings were saved and node was started in the configured Coarse сlasses node, the following error occurred: "No reference to data set". Access violation error occurred when activating such node clone. The errors were corrected (#9179).

Loop: The following error was corrected "Row cannot be transformed to the logical value". It occurred in the loop with the group processing by unique values of the fields with activated ignoring of errors. Such error occurred when activating, deactivating and then activating once again Loop with the group processing by unique values of the string fields configured to Supernode with Neural network with "always retrain" activation mode (#9630).


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