Loginom 6.5.5 release note

Errors in Import from Excel file and Export to Database wizard were corrected. Chart Visualizer was corrected. The Loop Handler error was corrected.


Chart Visualizer: When using the column that contained only null values as the abscissa field, the following error occurred: "Row number XXXXXXXXXX is out of [0; 13] range" (#9127).

Chart Visualizer: The library used for the chart construction was updated. The errors that caused in some cases incorrect scale settings of the bubble chart were corrected(#9222).

Chart Visualizer: The errors occurring in the process of the chart settings saving that caused inability to save scaling settings were corrected (#9445).

Import from Excel file: Several errors were corrected. They occurred at the stage of Import from Excel file configuration when setting the sheet name or named range by means of variable. If the configuration process was finished by the user in disregard for errors, the data was imported but all fields were related to the variable data type (#5790).

Import from Excel file: When using the variable as Select objectparameter value, the following error occurred when passing to the second stage in the wizard: "Excel sheet index was incorrectly set". The error was corrected (#9268).

Application: The following error was corrected in the wizards: "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'setValue')". It occurred while moving using the navigation keys on the page switch panel (#9399).

Export to Database: There was no context menu for the source columns in Export to Database wizard. The situation was rectified (#8017).


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