Loginom 6.5.2 release notes

The error when executing "Python" node in the loop with the group processing was corrected. Logging when working with several packages at once in parallel was improved. Some errors occurring during the work with “Oracle” database, “SOAP service”, “Coarse classes” components were corrected.


Access: In the case of the multithread operation of the connections that use "Microsoft Access Database Engine": "MS Access", "MS Excel", and also connections via ODBC, there were errors connected with this DBMS component. Error correction method was implemented (#9189).

JavaScript: The error related to occurrence of the name of nonexisting module in the code completion, tip by types of function arguments and their returned values for "builtIn/Fetch" module was corrected.

Oracle: The error occurred when calling the procedure that accepts the row parameter exceeding 4,000 characters as the function argument was corrected. Now, the maximum allowable length of the row parameter for Oracle 12.1 and higher is 32,767 characters, for the earlier versions - 4,000 characters. Correction of this error enabled to write complicated procedural requests without restrictions (#8731).

Python: The following error was corrected: """ is not allowable version number. The version must have the following format: Major.Minor.Patch[-GM version][+Assembly Metadata]". The error was shown when executing "Python" node in the loop with the group processing. It was not possible to open packages after this error. It was required to reboot the server (#9156).

SOAP request: When several connections were simultaneously activated in different threads (for example, when "Loop" was used), sometimes an error occurred, and it froze the node (it was blocked). Corrected (#9153).

"Data Quality" visualizer: The conversion error while displaying the integer values was corrected. Display of the decimal part of the "Average" indicator for the Integer fields was added (#9196).

"Cube" visualizer: The drop-down lists of fields near buttons required for addition of dimensions and near measures in the measures configuration window incorrectly displayed the filtered list of fields. On access to the filtered field when moving the dimension plate to the measures area or list of fields, an error occurred as it was not possible to find the filtered field in the storage. Corrected (#9171).

Import from XML: Check of the file availability in the file storage was added. It excludes errors while attempting to load it later on. The check was performed at the earlier stage to display the correct error message (#9181).

Coarse сlasses: Sometimes "Assertion failure" error occurred when deleting the field of the earlier activated node in the wizard. Error was corrected (#9101).

Logging: It was not possible to write the user name in the log file when using many parallel threads that do not load the processor in "Loop". Corrected (#9197).

Neural network (classification): "Access violation" error occurred when training the node with the enabled "Use subset of the training set" option for structure auto selection. The zero group size check was added when receiving the sample size to exclude the situation when 1 item from 0 was selected, and also incorrect obtaining of the row number to be recorded to the sample was corrected to exclude the error (#8728).

Component bar: Sometimes there was confusion related to the "Connection" bar with the displayed "public" nodes from the package connected by reference. The supernode node icon of the connection bar was replaced with the individual folder icon that excludes the confusion (#8049).

File storage: When deleting the symbolic reference to the folder, not only the reference but also the folder content was deleted. Corrected (#9132).

File storage: If the folder was deleted, and there was a symbolic reference to the folder inside the folder, the reference was also deleted. Now, the folder is deleted with its content without errors (#9100).

Loop: The statistics was calculated for the whole input data set in the Loop related to the Group Processing type. The statistics calculation was corrected. Now, it is calculated for each group (#5221).

Loop: Incorrect value of the Loop variable for the 1st Loop iteration configured for import from database was used. Corrected (#9140).


Coarse сlasses: Previously, locale was not taken into account when comparing event values that could cause serious problems in rare and very specific cases. Locale consideration was added.

Derived components: When several packages were used at once in parallel, sometimes it was difficult to define by logs in which of them an error occurred during the node execution. Apart from the node name with GUID, the package name is also currently shown when logging an error message (#9176).

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