Loginom 6.4.2 release notes

In this update, special attention was paid to the platform usability, performance improvements related to complex workflows operation were made, and some fixes were performed.


Adjustment of Columns Mapping: if automapping of fields was disabled for the node with preset input fields, and the node that contained another set of fields was connected to the input, "Delete all links" and "Clear/delete lost links" calls functioned incorrectly. Nonexistent input columns were left in the list, and attempt to create the output columns based on them caused an error (#8457).

Adjustment of Columns Mapping: while configuring the output ports of the Replacement node, the input fields names were not shown, when selecting the string, the fields names were shown. This error could occur when configuring other nodes but much less frequently (#8477).

Administration: if the package that contained active processes was forcibly closed, and then the Administrator user opened the Session Manager bar, this user came across the following error: "When switching to "Administration.Session Manager", error occurred" (#8326).

Administration: when closing the package or user session using the Session Manager on the Administration bar, 5 s timeout was added. If all active processes are not finished during the timeout, the error message will appear. Previously, the Session Manager was frozen, if the package or user session contained frozen processes (#8338).

Calculator: the input variables used in the Calculator expressions with a prefix were not defined as the required input variables (#8243).

Coarse classes: if the continuous input field contained no values, the node was retrained but it was not possible to activate it later (#8298).

Cube: if different data types (both strings and numbers) were in the variable dimension, the series colors set in the Cube chart were not saved (#8123).

Expand Supernode: if the supernode contained many nodes and it was located close to the left or upper edge of the Workflow working space, when it was collapsed, some nodes could be outside the Workflow working space (#6949).

Export to Deductor Warehouse: when configuring the export parameters, columns mapping setting functioned incorrectly. For example, columns mapping could be established on the basis of the partial but not full mapping of the columns names (#8456).

Export to MySQL database: if one string that consisted of 3-byte Unicode characters (for example, the Chinese characters) was exported to the Table with CHARACTER SET utf8 in the TEXT field, this value could be exported with an error (#8229).

Export to MySQL database: when exporting 1, 1001, 2001, .. strings with CHARACTER SET utf8 to table, the last exported string contained the invalid value (#8230).

File storage: if the current Loginom user was changed when the file storage window was opened (Root menu → Exit, then repeated login as another user), the mechanism of copying and pasting files to the file storage didn't function (#6137).

Filter: if "listed" or "not listed" criterion type was selected, possible values were incorrectly offerred when selecting the filtering value: only the last character of the entered string was taken into account (#8454).

Import from Deductor Warehouse: if fields with the same names were used while compiling the filtration parameters list, the import process was executed incorrectly. For example, there could be no filtered data expected at the output (#8440).

Import from LGD-file: if only a part of the source file fileds is selected while importing, the error that causes unexpected application exit could occur on condition of the particular combination of the source data types of such fields. For example, if the workflow with many cases of import from LGD files was executed in the package mode, the workflow was not executed if such error occurred, and LoginomServer service was stopped (#8363, #8367).

Import from MS Access Database, Export to MS Access Database: SQL requests that contained integer parameters were not operable while importing, and it was also not possible to export the integer fields (#8422).

Import from Text File: if a cell of the column the caption of which contained a comma <,> was selected on "Import Parameters with Separators" page, the following error occurred when changing the settings in the wizard: "Invalid ComponentQuery selector: ..." (#7456).

Imputation, Eliminate Outliers: if the Loop with "Parallel processing" parameter was set to the Imputation or Eliminate Outliers node, the following error could occur during the Loop execution: "Unsupported type of the "Data quality" port" (#8331).

Linear Regression: when retraining was started several times in a row, the server was frozen with definite data sets, and its operation was crashed (#7182).

Localization: if the English program version was started with the Russian Windows version, when entering real numbers as separators, it was required to put a point <.>, in this case, the editor highlighted such separator as the invalid one (#8141).

Loginom Desktop: if Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) Protocol was set in the local network, the application was automatically closed a few seconds after its start (#8303).

Loginom Desktop, Loginom Server: if the package contained the running process, the following error message appeared at once: "Error occurred while the program was running. Workflow contains ... locked nodes", and the running processes were still being executed, and the memory was not unallocated. Now, if the package is forcibly closed using the root menu, all current processes are attempted to be finished. If closure of all running processes is failed within five seconds, a user will receive the package closure failure message (#5157, #7216).

Navigation Bar: if visualizer was configured for the node, Visualizers child element appeared for such node on the Navigation bar. When calling the context menu of this element, incorrect selection of shown "Show visualizers" item was possible. In this case, the following error occurred: "Cannot read property 'NodeIndex' of undefined". Now, "Show visualizers" menu item is shown only for the nodes (#5088).

ODBC connection: when exporting 1, 1001, 2001, etc of strings CHARACTER SET utf8 to table, different errors could occur, including the errors that caused frozen operation or application crush (#8287).

Platform core: if the user with "Workflows design" role tried to open the package in the read-only folder of the file system level, it was not possible to open the package, and the user received the message informing about package opening failure. Now, in this case, it is a read-only package, and a user will receive corresponding message(#8431).

Processes Bar: when "Show completed processes" parameter was enabled, different errors could occur. For example, in the case of active processes, it was not possible to disable this parameter, and while attempting to call "Remove from list" context menu item, the Processes Bar could be frozen (#8339, #8446 #8447).

Property Inspector: if more than 10 nodes were collapsed/expanded to the Supernode several times in a row, and Property Inspector was opened in this case, the following error occurred: "Client proxy object disconnected" (#8312).

Property Inspector: if Property Inspector was opened and the Supernode parameters were selected in it, parameters of nonexistent node were still selected after expansion of this Supernode in the Property Inspector (#8313).

REST Request: if the request response contained 4-byte UTF-8 encoded characters, the output port with the response contained the null value, and the second output port contained 8 error code and the following error message: "Error processing server response: Unhandled error: MESSAGE: Code unit ... is not the start of UTF8 character that consists of not more than 3 code units" (#8373).

View reports: if a user with "View reports" role opened the report containing the Table vizualizer just after package opening, it was not possible to open the report, and this user came across the following error: "When switching to "..." error occurred". Cannot read property 'PrepareFilterField' of undefined» (#8394, #8451).

Workflow: if the tab that contained the opened workflow outline was closed, but the package that contained this workflow was still opened, an error occurred when the workflow was repeatedly opened using the Navigation bar (#8384).

XSD schema connection: if a relative path to the schema file was used in the connection settings, and the used schema contained a relative path to another used schema, in its turn, an error occurred (#8289).

UI/UX and Usability Improvements

Cluster profiles: both point <.> and comma <,> were used as decimal separators, now the separator is selected according to locale (#8285).

Cluster profiles: filtration icon and button text now change their colors if the filter is active (#8174, #8463).

Import from Deductor Warehouse, Export to Deductor Warehouse: the tips displaying full object name were added for the cells on the data warehouse objects selection wizard page. It also became possible to change the width of the column that contains the objects names (#8461).

Navigation Bar: when calling "Configure node" context menu item, the wizard for the selected node is opened (previously, the node was selected and became active in the Workflow field). "Configure visibility" and "Delete node" menu items are hidden for "Workflow Variables" and "Input/Output node of the Supernode" nodes. "Configure visibility" and "Properties" menu item is hidden for the Supernode node module (#6127, #7291. #8327).

Performance Improvements

Platform core: the speed of large packages saving was optimised. The method used to check occurrence of unsaved changes in the package was changed (#8345).

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