Loginom 6.4.1 release notes

Several errors detected when testing the features added in version 6.4.0 were corrected in this version. Operation of SOAP services and connections to databases was corrected.


Administration: when many users (more than twenty) were added in succession at one point, the application could be "frozen" (#8220).

Administration: when opening the Session Manager section of the administration panel, an error could occur. It prevented from using the section (#8257).

Automapping of fields: when enabling and disabling automapping of fields on the Base node ports, the Derived node was not marked as the changed one (#6087).

Calculator: when calculating the cumulative sum, an error could occur if one Calculator node instance was accessed from several nodes in parallel (for example, in the Loop) (#8160).

Coarse сlasses: on activation of the node unnecessary sorting of initial classes for the input discrete fields was perfomed that could change the model (#7922).

Condition: when attempting to execute the Union or Join nodes connected to the inactive Condition port, the following error occurred: "No active inputs". Now, the node is explicitly checked for, at least, one active input port, and if all input ports are inactive, the node is inactive, no mistakes occur in this case. A user will see the error message only when explicitly attempting to activate the node connected to the inactive Condition branch (#3453).

Connection to SOAP services: the following error occurred in version 6.4.0 during the setting at the connection check stage: “…?wsdl” file not found" (#8216).

Cube: when changing dimensions set, the chart display of service or calculated measures was lost, when such measures were deleted and repeatedly added, they were displayed in the chart again (#8195).

Cube: the following error occurred in Microsoft Edge to 79 during export from visualizers: «Failed to export the Cube crosstab: Function expected» (#8255).

Desktop application: if several screens were used, and the application window was moved to the additional screen, when expanding to full screen, the application window was collapsed and it was not possible to restore it. When restarting, the application window was also left collapsed (#7467, #8078).

Eliminate Outliers: when processing string or logical data, if empty data set was supplied to the input, or the data set columns consisted only of null values, on activation of the node, an error occurred (#8114).

Import from Databases: when connecting to MS SQL Server using ODBC driver, if the fields of the Integer or SmallInt type were used in the source table, the following error could occur while import configuring: "Next move forbidden. Data size must be more than or equal to zero" (#8180).

Import from Databases: when connecting to MS SQL Server using ODBC driver, the fields of the TinyInt type were incorrectly related to the undefined type (#8183).

Loginom Server: when updating or restarting the server service, LDAP parameters were reset to the default parameters (#8207).

Loginom setup: when setting one of the server Loginom editions over another previously installed edition, the executable Server.exe file was not replaced, therefore, the previous Loginom edition was started after update (#8132).

Loop: functionality that enabled to perform the following actions was removed in the wizard: variable editing, deleting or moving. Previously, attempts to perform these actions could cause undescriptive messages (#8170).

Loop: when starting in the parallel mode, due to creation of many derived nodes the following error could occur: "Index value … of “…” parameter is out of […; …] range" (#8200).

Processes Bar: if many iterations were performed in the Loop, when attempting to expand the process completed earlier in the loop, the following undescriptive error message could appear: "Client proxy object disconnected" (#6669).

Quick View: when copying to the clipboard, in some cases multiline values were copied without shielding quotes (#8138).

Reports bar: if you collapse many nodes (hundreds) to the Supernode and then go to the reports bar and open one of the visualizers set to the node collapsed to the Supernode, the following error occurred: "ObjectId value is not cached" (#8124).

Reports bar: if the visualizer was opened in the Report form, when opening in the next tab of the same visualizer from the node, the Report tab was not closed automatically, and it was possible to change the visualizer settings in two tabs simultaneously that could cause errors (#8089).

SQLite Connection: in version 6.4.0 "Create DB if it doesn't exist" connection setting was not operable (#8175).

Supernode: after renaming of input or output ports of the existing Supernode, connection with ports of the internal nodes was broken that could cause different errors (#5963).

Web application, Desktop application: if one of the opened packages was locked, for example, one of its nodes was executed, while attempting to close the package that was not connected with it in the next tab, the following error message appeared: "Workflow contains <…> locked nodes" (#5735, #7608, #8131).

Web application, Desktop application: if the opened package file was removed or moved, the following error occurred while attempting to close such package: "Cannot open file “<file name>”. Failed to find the specified file» (#7978).

Ease of Use

Quick view: hotkey combinations to switch between "Table" and "Form" view modes were changed from "Alt + T" and "Alt + F" to "Alt + 1" and "Alt + 2" correspondingly (#8137).

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